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Hi there,
I've just started using MB after being fed up with iTunes, but I'm having great trouble with the AudioBook feature. Maybe I just don't understand how it works? Anyway, here are my questions:

- Upon importing my music library, everything - including audio books - ended up in "Music Library". I'd rather have my audio books in "Audio Books" where they belong.

- When ripping an audio book CD, I miss some option to make it directly go to "Audio Books" instead of "Music Library.

I hope anyone out there can help me...? Thank you so much!


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You should move the audiobook to the audiobook node via drag and drop. That way they won't appear in your music library anymore (only in the audiobook section).. I am not sure but I believe there is no way for musicbee to recognize whether a file is an audiobook or not.

I don't use the audiobook feature so maybe someone else will be be of more help  ::)


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Note: Drag and drop does not seem to work on my system. Instead, I found I could make it work by right clicking each file and selecting "send to" and then "Audiobooks".


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working fine here - the drag/drop function calls the same internal code as Send To as well