Author Topic: Player Control - Mouse clicking range (for playback position) too narrow.  (Read 1901 times)


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When a song is playing and I want to click to some other point in the song I find that the the horizontal white playback line is so narrow that I often click just above or just below.  This has the unintended consequence removing all my search criteria and redisplaying the whole library in the main with the playing song highlighted.  That is, the display reverts as if I selected "All" in each filter panel when that wasn't my intent.

I do like that I can click on the title of the playing song and quickly jump to it.  However, if I'm merely trying to locate a different playback position in the currently playing song, it's hit or miss trying to precisely click on the narrow white line.


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i've changed the click area so there is more of a gap between the playback position bar before locate track is activated. Its included in the update i'm doing later tonight