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Hello Steven,

The problem is that very often only synced lyrics are available, especially now, when the is down (temporarily, I hope).
So, can you add an option to add timestamps to the unsynced lyrics? Now it is possible to edit manually the text in Lyrics tab but it would be terrible to add all timestamps n this way.
So, I imagine you could implement something as 'add timestamps mode' in editor, then one could add the current timestamp by right click on the line while listening to the music. The timestamps would appear in the beginning of line. The second click on the same line would add second timestamp (when the current line would be no more highlited in 'Now Playing/Lyrics' panel). The left click could work as usual, for manual editing of text and timestamps.
What do you think? I remember there was similar plugin for WA (back in the days I've used it :)) and it was very useful.

Also, can you make the Lyrics tab in 'Now Playing' panel a bit more interactive? I mean, is it possible to do so that clicking on a lyrics line (timestamped) to make player skipping to the respective time of the played file?
Thanks in advance
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