Author Topic: Support of .dsf/.dff audio files!  (Read 15153 times)


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Hi Steven, hi community!

I know, that this is very special, but i hope it is possible to add support for .dsf / .dff audio files (SACD Rip) in one of the next releases! Further infos, technical documents and samples you will find at -> Link!

Best regards
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+1 on this

I started a topic on this some time ago:

Perhaps it would be possible to implement the suggested approach:

- MB being able to index dsd files,including tags, so they appear in the library
- ability to send dsd files to an external player (eg. Foobar2000)



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The BASS. library now supports a DSD plugin which i have added to musicbee.
The DSD rate is displayed in the Now Playing panel. As far as tags go, MB reads ID3v2 tags (i especially would like some feedback this is OK), but for now doesnt support writing tags.
I have tested this on some freely downloadable DSD files bit I would appreciate any confirmation its working OK so i can report back to the bass developer

unzip and replace the existing files where MB is installed