Author Topic: presets for remembering columns layouts through Tabs?  (Read 1431 times)


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Following from earlier requests about the wish having more control/options for presets for columns setups;

Especially classical music requires a quite different layout when it comes to setup 'detailed' columns and 'track browser' columns.
I believe this was sugested and requested before through maybe 'filter' option, but was not implemented.

Wouldn't it be the most logical and sensible to have this option through the use of the already existing Tabs option?
At this moment these Tabs don't seem to 'remember' these kind of settings, but that might not be too difficult to accomplish?



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I agree.. it would be great to have tabs which remeber: trackbrowser, artist and track information panel, position of the nowplaying list, artwork, a- z jumpbar en lyrics panel :) you could modify different views in different tabs for different uses like: Tagging Music, Just listening, Library Browsing Genre browsing etc... :)