Author Topic: Introduce a "Micro Player" mode for the taskbar  (Read 5332 times)


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Just like in WMP and Mediamonkey where a a very small version of the player resides in the taskbar making control such as play/pause, next/previous song and the seek bar. This will enable even larger space economy than the mini player...


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i've been holding off on this as its really on useful in XP - correct me if i am wrong about that though! With win7 you can just hold the mouse over MB in the taskbar and it will open as a mini-player

however i will look into this as a lot of people will still use XP for the forseeable future (but at the moment i dont know how to do it)


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I did some research into this recently. The link below should help when you get around to this feature.(all code on the page is C#. Which, judging by the .resx files used for skins, is what large portions of MB is written in)



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I'm on Windows 7, and I'd be happy if you basically just put a version of the existing mini player into the taskbar. Currently it gets in the way a bit since I can't put it over the taskbar. I prefer the mini player over hovering over the icon because if I want to see what's playing I just look to the bottom right.

Maybe just simplify, making the volume a vertical pop-up, combining stop/pause, removing restore, close, playlist.


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Seems like a great idea, would love to have this feature in my player too!
Thanks for the patience, developer!


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I like this idea. I have a lot of real estate in my taskbar, so having the mini player integrate and take up that space instead of screen space would be cool. If at the very least maybe something like what pops up when you hover in win7 or click the icon in the right corner. Could be a simplified version embedded into the taskbar.