Author Topic: properly inform MusicBee users about versions and updating MusicBee  (Read 198 times)


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Considering the amount of issues that keep being raised frequently by MusicBee users for a very long time now that are unaware of- or confused by:

A: The differences between downloading/using either the "install", "portable" or "store" version of MusicBee.
B: How to update their current version to a new and current one.

With all due respect:
I find it ridiculous that this information is still not easily available after all these years.

- The differences between 'store', 'install" and 'portable' should be explained at MusicBee's download page, so that new users can make an informed decision.
- How to update MusicBee, depending on the version they are using should be in a proper FAQ.

The absence of this has been, and keeps being a burden on forum members trying to help other users.
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I believe  Sveakul was kind enough to  make a tutorial on installing the portable version is in the tips and tricks section. maybe this needs to be expanded upon and added to the FAQs?
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