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This plugin has been replaced by the Theater Mode plugin

i have implemented a customisable screen saver. The screen saver is activated in place of the windows screen saver (you need to activate the windows screen saver in the windows control panel if you have it disabled), but only if MusicBee is playing a track and is the foreground window, otherwise the default windows screensaver activates.
The screen saver can also be activated via a hotkey set in the Hotkey preferences: "View: Activate Screen Saver"

1. first you need to be using version 2 of musicbee - see this topic if you havent already installed it:

2. you need to replace musicbee.exe with this updated version:

3. then unzip this in the Plugins folder where musicbee is installed


anyone who wants to modify the default screen saver can easily do so:
- replace the background image "ScreenSaver.Background.jpg" in the Plugins folder (the image should fit your screen size but will be resized to fit)
- edit the screen saver layout file "ScreenSaver.Settings.xml" in the Plugins folder: fields, colours, fonts and field positions. There is no validation on the file, so keep a copy of the original in case you mess up but its quite easy
- the default settings file includes an element for a sound graph which can be uncommented for it to display
- the screen saver can now be configured to show a rotation of images - see for instructions

see for screen savers that have been customised
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