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I may have already asked this: but searching for it I can't find it- but apologies if I have:

Could you please add a folder in the library for audiobooks (like iTunes) and a then provide a way to filter my content so that audiobooks and podcasts doesn't show up as music when I view the whole library?

as much as I hate iTunes, the ability to select content and in the info options tell iTunes that it's an audiobook is superb, it takes it out of the main library and puts it in audiobooks (regardless of format). As it does with podcasts.

It makes it much easier to manage music when all the podcasts I want to keep are excluded, and the 1000s mp3 tracks for variouis audiobooks are seperated off.




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Good idea. Generally speaking:
building libraries from genre/.ext filters would be a nice feature.



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its in the latest 1.2 beta
for the audiobooks or podcasts already scanned in your library, just manually drag/drop those to the appropriate section.
for new files scanned, .m4b files automatically go to Audio Books and any files with the iTunes podcast tag go to podcasts. If enough tag information is available a new podcast subscription is automatically setup with no automatic download, otherwise the podcast in bundled under an 'unknown subscription'

i'll look at a custom filter for the library at a later date. In the interim you can set up an auto-playlist to do the same