Author Topic: [Sugestion] Add shadows when 'Skin Window Borders' is active  (Read 7680 times)


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Yesterday I've updated MusicBee and the SteelAndBee skin came with it. As a beautiful yet original skin, finally I've changed my previous skin (Dark) after months using it as my MusicBee visual style. When using "Dark", I left the default Windows borders option on, but when changing to this new one, it seemed like the default skin borders were more imersive.

However, I've noticed a (very) little visual inconsistence with all the default skin borders: they don't have the Aero shadow around them. I know it may be a little tricky to enable, but looks it's feasible after all, as I've seen in aplications like iTunes or even Steam, and makes MusicBee even more integrated with Windows Vista/7 UI.

(From background to foreground: Default Windows 7 UI, Steam, MusicBee with SteelAndBee skin)

EDIT: I've found one more problem with the said option: there is no Windows 7 Snap gestures (throw window at desktop sides makes it fill half of screen, double click the horizontal borders expand window to the maximum desktop height, etc.).
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