Author Topic: Volume analysis clipping alert improvements  (Read 5273 times)


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I would like to see extra information added to the clipping alert dialogue, such as the tracks where clipping occurs and if the clipping occurs on track and/or album basis.

Also, when analysing only on album basis (so "on track basis" is unticked) I noticed that on some albums the dialogue box appears even though the resulting album gain is already negative. This would mean that an replay gain adjustment on the album should not be necessary. I guess the dialogue is shown because clipping due to a track gain is still calculated, even though track gain is not saved.

Ultimately it would be awesome if volume adjustments are made automatically. And that the adjustments are made per track and on the complete album separately.


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i will look at this at some point in the near future but one general comment is clipping detection is my opinion is almost pointless with any music these days and the normalisation is always negative. Its only if you ramp up the computed value that i was intending that setting for


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I noticed that most, if not all, of the albums I used the volume analysis on indeed have a negative replay gain. As you pointed out.
But it is a different story for individual tracks. I have seen a lot of positive values between them. And it is right there where the clipping will occur when the album gain is not used when playing back music.

For now I will just recalculate the album gain for all albums with negative values. Personally, I only use album gain, since most of my music are DJ mixes.