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Hello guys,

Please post here links to web sites that can be configured in Now Playing web links.
Here is what I've found so far:<Artist> (separator: +)<Artist> (separator: +)

Does anybody know such site for progressive?

Edit: Added<Artist> (separator: + or _)
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Some others


This layout shows a slideshow of pictures of the artist of Flickr, You can add words, for example

"<Artist> vinyl"

usually only shows vinyls, covers, rare editions, etc... or

"<Artist> concert"

usually shows photos from concerts of the artist.

There is a Spotify Web searcher called
You can add a Web Link Layout on the right panel.


a new tab with the results of spotify will appears. Then you need to click on any result with the right button and click "Open with default browser", that opens spotify directly to the artist, album or song you clicked. [In the next MB version just clickin on the result]
And, of couse, you can put another Layout for songs, you need to create another with<Title>

You can name it "Find this song on Spotify"
Thats is useful to find on Spotify versions from other artist of the song you are playing!

Other layout you can add<Artist>/

Shows the yahoo music web for the artist. Links to Lastfm radio, itunes albums, amazon albums, youtube videos, flickr photos, profile, albums, lyrics, concerts, Pandora artist radio, news...
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