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Sorry - long-ish post.  My situation is that I have my library on a NAS device which is mapped to 3 (Windows) computers as M:\Shared Music\...   The library is a combination of WMP, iTunes and manually added folders. It really needs to be "organised" (hopefully by MusicBee), but I have a couple of questions before I hit the "organise" button.
Q1. In Preferences-Library in the "music library" section, how do I get MB to organise my files in the M:\Shared Music\ folder rather than the C-drive?  And if it will reorganise in the M:\Shared Music\, will it update my playlists to point to the new locations for any reorganised files?
Q2. How does this "organiser" relate to the Tools-File Organiser? Can I use this one to reorganise my files in their current folder by deselecting the "move files to folder" option? And again, will MB update my playlists to reflect any relocated files?
Q3. The MusicBee folder (where the MusicBeeLibrary.mbl and other files are located) is in each of the 3 computers' C-Drive rather than the NAS M-drive. The problem with this is that I have to manually copy playlists when they are changed.  (My "better half" doesn't understand why updating the playlist on one computer doesn't update it on the other computers). Does anyone have any suggestions to do this better; or any other "gotchas" with sharing a library with multiple computers?
Thanks for a GREAT product by the way!   pete


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Q1: When you click Organisation you have the option to specify where files should be organised to. Playlists created and maintained within MusicBee should be updated and know where your files goes.

Q2: It is more or less the same tool, however "Organisation" in Preferences applies all times to all files within your library. Use Tools > Organise Files to organize a selection of files when you wish to do so. You can use the latter one to organize files within their current folder by disabling "move files to folder". Playlists within MB will be updated accordingly. If you know for example that your files are well tagged, or simply don't care about the folder structure they will reside in, and have few exceptions then you should use "Organisation" from Preferences to always have all your files automatically organised according to the file naming template of your choice. However if you want to manually organize your files, and maybe sort some of them differently, then you would choose Tools > Organise files for a selection of your files and repeat that step until you're happy with where files are.

Q3: In the latest version you should be able to choose your library location (this is the location of the folder with those files you mentioned, not necessarily the music tracks themselves). First copy this folder to your NAS and then change the location from Preferences > Library > Library location. However do note this:
But one thing to keep in mind is MB is not multi-user.
So while its ok if there is only one person using MB at any one point in time, if 2 or more people use a shared library and update anything, then it will not be handled and only one person will have their changes saved


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Thanks paq - I have organised the folders I wanted done as you have suggested - all looks good, and playlists auto updated OK.  I missed the post from Steven you quoted re multi-user; we do often have two PCs accessing the library at once, so will likely retain the seperate MB files at this stage (I'm not worried about maintaining ratings and number of plays) and keep copying playlists when they are updated.  Cheers, pete


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I must be dense. In trying to delete 100's of misc playlists in Music Bee, I found the topic where an Admin pointed me to my music folder & I deleteted all but 2.  But they still show in Music Bee.  Do I just need to close & reopen or what.  I found a topic where another admin said to use organize. But when I opened organize & made sure Playlist was checked and ran it nothing happened.  Please help.