Author Topic: Problems with album art spacing and album grouping  (Read 1505 times)


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I'm running into 2 issues which can both be seen in the screenshot. First many of the albums arts for my songs aren't square they are rectangle because I ripped them from youtube. Musicbee seems to think the image is a square and is not detecting the image height and as is spacing improperly. The gap between the art and the next artist is too big as a result for non square images. The 2nd issue can be seen with the songs by RØGUENETHVN & EQRIC. They don't belong to an album but they are grouped together as if they are part of the same album. I'm guessing this is happening because the album name is empty for both of them and it considers them to be part of the same album because of this, but I want them to be separated from each other and display their own album arts. You can see the album art for Love Me Like Forever which should be displaying in the left column in the bottom right hand corner of the screenshot. Is there any way to fix these issues without changing the album names or resizing the album art images? I'm trying to find an alternative to Windows Media Player because it resizes the rectangle album art to a square and squishes it. So far this program has gotten the closest to what I want from the ones I have tried.

Screenshot Link

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1. It's not possible for MB to fit-to-height album art. You could make a wishlist request for it, but unless said request garners significant cosigning, it's unlikely to be implemented.

2. If you have an album as mostly likely being defined by <Album Artist> and <Album, when the values align, how is MB supposed to know you don't wish for it to display as so?