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13,000 files and 91GB. I spent most of last year AutoDJ'ing just the unrated tracks so that I could rate and correct the categories (I use a lot of custom ones).  It was a momentous task when i completed that last month.  i am now enjoying my best tracks, but do need to delete a whole host of rubbish tracks which are sat there un-listened to.  MB is defo the best.  i have tried others in the past but this does everything that i could ever want and it very very rarely crashes.


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88k of tracks, ca. 700GB, 265 days and 7h of constant listening

The collection is quite old (some of the mp3s I have for longer than 10 years), so the quality differs (usually older ones are of lower quality).
As for the genres - I have it all:)
MB Library works fast enough.


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I have a pretty modest library. 4,916 tracks, 15d 3h, 33.6 GB. Sadly, I lost all my "date added" tags when I switched over from iTunes several years ago; it would have been fun to chart the growth of my library over time.

MusicBee can be a tiny bit sluggish at managing everything, but I think that's really my fault for keeping 320 kbps MP3s that I could probably downsize without losing any enjoyment, not to mention the massive album art (2000px+, in some cases) that I've embedded in every file. I'm just very paranoid about data integrity, especially after Windows Media Player - which I don't even use - saw fit to destroy half my collection of "folder.jpg" covers.


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  • Long live OiNK!
Currently 577 Albums @ 85.7GB

I've recently joined -
Feel free to add me if you wish :)

EAC V1.0 beta 3 can be downloaded here
And a full guide on setting it up and ripping a CD can be here


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Just joined - been using MB for a few months now, and it really is the best music software I've used - and I've tried a few! Current library 8467 tracks, 62.9GB, 31d 19:44. Mix of high quality mp3, wma and ogg. I also have 1500-odd MIDI backing tracks that I keep for practice. That's the only nuisance - I have to open them with XMPlay or Notation Player. The latter would be great if the notation were accurate, but it isn't  ;)


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Musicbee is still fast , i am now  up to 1461 albums, 19197 tracks, for a total of 536,36 GB all in FLAC and drive is almost full.

PC Windows 10>Musicbee>Quad 405>Burson Conductor >Pioneer SX750>Woo Audio22>FLUXION AV-7 S.E.T. Speaker amp>FU32+6N2 AMP.>Asus Essence STX>CmoyBB>Sennheiser HD800S >Grado RS2E>DENON LA-D5000 LITE >DENON AHD-1001,Kef 104,Klipsch KG 5.5


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37015 Files
560.3 GB
121d 9:36 Time
2846 Albums

98% are 320kbps CBR or FLAC
2% are those songs I cant seem to even find in high quality =.=

Need to catch 'em all...


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1222 tracks and 16,4 GB with a total of 4 days and 4 hours of nonstop listening :)
I seem to have a small library compared with others :P btw just MP3 320 or flac/wav/aiff

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64,235 files (all MP3),
445,1 GBytes,
5,161 albums by 2,296 artists.

MusicBee still runs fine. Which is even more impressive when you consider that all files and even MusicBee (Portable) itself are stored on a NAS.
It takes some time to load and quit, but the performance itself when running is fine!


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Currently I have in excess of half a million tracks, just over 525,000 which are spanned across two 3tb external hard drives and backed up to a server just in case. I still have 35,000 more tracks to edit and tag which equals another 300gb. That should bring the total to about 560,000. I still have more CD's to go through and rip as well. Now you may be asking why anyone would need or want enough music that would take more than 3 years to play continuously. This collection has taken me over 40 years to compile (I'm 62 now). I've also been a volunteer DJ at a community radio station for over 4 years. I just grab my laptop and two hard drives and away I go. I spend an hour each show profiling a specific artist doing a complete bio and featuring about a dozen or more tracks from each artist. And if a listener calls in with a request there's a damned good chance I'll have that track. And I listen to almost everything from A-Z (Acappella to Zydeco). The only genres I'm not keen about are opera and rap. But I love techno and trance!

I previously used Winamp but it started giving me problems trying to update the database when I reached about 450,000 tracks. I then discovered MusicBee and it is super fast! It does take almost 60 seconds to load at start and about 10 seconds to re-sort on a column but searches are instantaneous. Thanks to Steven for a fantastic program.


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10 albums.
But those albums, I'll take to my grave....


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lol, ok you got me. ;D
I actually have ... hm, a few clicks and presto-chango, a complete report:

Looks like I have a loooooota tagging to do.