Author Topic: So how big is your music library?  (Read 121755 times)


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Damn, I get surprised looks and even got called a "hoarder" when I mention my MB library size but it seems I'm just a rookie. I actively try to contain the size of my music collection though, because I am running out of space and I don't like the prospect of keeping my music in an External HDD and connect it to my laptop.

43,160 files
344.1GB - Don't mind V0 for most of my music
128.9 days

Great to know that MB scales for a library of almost 1,000,000 tracks!


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860 GB and counting....... Have been using MB for just over a week now. No problems so far!


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Man, I feel like a lightweight compared to the rest of you guys. Mine's only 54GB. haha

Sounds like you prefer quality over quantity.  Very respectable.

My MusicBee Version:


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Talking about lightweight?

i have like 1800 songs, but i love every single one of them!   i really wonder how many songs they actually listen to (those guys with 10k+)


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Talking about lightweight?

i have like 1800 songs, but i love every single one of them!   i really wonder how many songs they actually listen to (those guys with 10k+)

I have personally listened to every one of my 10k-ish library tracks at least once before adding them to the library, and then they go into rotation on playlists based on number of plays, so theoretically they should all come up again given enough time (still fine-tuning this system, but it's getting there).  But i hear you, i wonder about it when people have literally years worth of music. :D
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My actual (non-classical) library is ~39,000 tracks, mostly full albums, all of which I've heard at some point during the 20 years I've been collecting them.  My "listening library" is a static playlist of the songs I like and want to hear from my library - right now that's at about ~17,000 tracks.  From there, like psychoadept, I have a few auto-playlists set up.  Mine are based on date added and date last played.  

Basically songs can be in the rotation for unlimited plays for the first 6 months after they're added.  After 6 months, they're not played within 6 months of their most recent play unless they're tagged Evergreen=Yes.  Evergreen songs can always come up in rotation even if I heard them yesterday.  They're a handful of favorites.

So I have my static playlist "listening library" and the main "rotation" auto-playlist from that, and then from that rotation playlist comes several auto-playlists for specific situations.  One to synch to my phone that is limited to the size of my SD card.  One that strips out everything marked as "explicit" which is for listening in the house when my kid is around.  One that is only tracks that haven't been heard since their initial 6 month "trial" for when I want some stuff I'm really not all that familiar with but I know I like. The "rotation" playlist and its offshoots are what I actually listen to on a daily basis.

I finally bit the bullet and set up play data synching so that plays on my phone will remove those songs from rotation when I'm listening at home.  That was something I resisted for a long time, but I'm glad I finally took the plunge.  I lost a lot of the play count I had been building up since I started tracking that in 2009 (I only started with in 2017 when I started with MB), but I decided raw play count was more interesting than it was useful for my purposes, while having an accurate all-inclusive last played date would be more useful for my needs.

My goal is to have surprises mixed in with the well-loved and familiar like a personal radio station that only plays songs I already know I like. MB has made that possible.
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My music files that accumulated through the years.

66,468 files
418.18 GB
185 days

Music Bee is managing them well.  ;)


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750 gigs of various quality.

    I never really used something like music bee before. I used iTunes to jam stuff onto my iPod (that I hated) I just knew the stuff I liked and would copy stuff onto my MP3 player to listen to.
   After using music bee my neurotic organizational side came out. I painstakingly retagged my entire collection through MB with the proper artists and artwork.


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35,746 files
132.8 GB
61 days 14 hours 54 minutes

Average file size: 3989059 bytes (3.804 MB)
Average song length: 2 minutes 48.94086051586191461981760196945 seconds.
Longest song: PC III - In the Garden (3:01:33)


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I'm up to 35,160 now, 808GB, 89days 19hours and 39 minutes according to MB.


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Revamped my collection
370 GB
19,000+ songs in flac

Loads in 1 second... and I'm using the "Album Covers" main library view.
Still discovering all the ways to operate MusicBee, so currently not everything is in the library.
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131,347  songs with no dups, mostly FLAC and high bit MP3.
(2.23 TB)
Stored on 12TB QNAP NAS for easy streaming at home or anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Managed with MusicBee.


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105,846 files as of today, or 782Gb. 

This is the result of 15 years' work.