Author Topic: So how big is your music library?  (Read 118357 times)


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We still doing this?  8)  :)

2.000 Albums
24.000 vbr tracks

No slowdowns in any laptop or computer


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32,026 files
808.8 GB

And I have 730 GB worth of stuff I still need to go through and tag before adding to my music server.   :-\


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2.788.4 TB. 287, 447 tracks. 865 d. Meticulously tagged and album art. I choose to stay with ver. 2.1.4924.

It took YEARS to rip my entire CD collection, though I still buy 10-20 CDs a week.

MusicBee works great. I was just coming to donate, when I found this thread. For a long time I could not afford to do so, but always kept it in my mind that I must do so when I was able as MusicBee basically saved my life. Music IS my life and MusicBee is a daily companion that makes my life SO much better. I could not enjoy my collection nearly as much without this amazing piece of software.

As far as performance with a large collection, the only thing I've noticed is issues with is search. This is simply due to the search attempting to predict what you are typing to provide faster results. With a large database, this slows performance. For a long time, I simply typed into notepad and then cut&pasted my complete query into search to prevent the predictive search. One day, it occurred to me to type a string with no results (zxc)...a space, and then my query. Then I delete 'zxc'. predictive results.

Anyway, Thanks again for creating software that is such an integral part of my life.


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175,652 tracks
16,401 artists
10,840 albums

MB is by far the fastest music manager on Windows that I've tried for my collection (Foobar2k, Mediamonkey (my former staple), iTunes).  I'm glad I discovered it earlier this year.

* Foobar2k (with a skin from deviantart) was pretty non-performant

* Mediamonkey was my mainstay for years before it started to slow down a bit and had a nasty habit of erasing 8,000+ tracks on my phone upon syncing.

* iTunes slowed to a crawl years ago when my collection was ~300GB

* Special mentions to Amarok 1.4.10+mysql and cantata+mpd on linux.  Both are by far the fastest music managers I ever tried.  However, Amarok's interface was a little simple and it required running a mysql server alongside it.  Cantata+mpd doesn't store every field in its db enabling it to maintain top speed at the cost of limited query lookups.
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MusicBee often gets complements about how well it manages huge music collections. That made me wonder, how big a "big" real life music collection is and how well is one managed with MusicBee?

What is it like in terms of performance (delays, responsiveness etc) to have a huge library. Post about your experiences, positive or negative and maybe compare to other music players as well if you can.

So let me start, my library is is pretty small, just barely under 5k of mostly 320k mp3s with a few albums in flac as well. I didn't notice much of a difference regarding performance across the music players I tried (probably because of the size of my library). MusicBee is generally very snappy in its operation for me but I expect that to not hold true for much larger libraries.

Just broken the 14000 mark, mostly FLAC, although I still have some mp3 and wmv that I can;t find the originals for. Currently just over 300gigs of space. I still have a few thousand albums to record though and a few thousand singles as well, i'm probably not even 10% of the total it will be when finished. I store everything except the musicbee laylist on an external drive.

Despite having an old cheap laptop that desperately needs replacing, I get no lag except when only just having turned it on. The difference since switching to MusicBee from WMP is phenominal.


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I am at 46,747 mp3s, which comes out to 241GB. I regularly go through and try to delete things id on't listen to but as you can see that hasn't really worked out. Haha.

I just switched from Winamp, and so far I am loving it.


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Main collection: 62 G (mp3, 320kbps)
Classical collection: 70 G (mp3, 320kbps)

Now and then I prune music I don't play to an Archive folder.


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After 5 years of MusicBee my library is now at 86020 Tracks.
No slowdowns.
Coming from Winamp, which was fine, but isnt developed anymore, MB is the perfect piece of software for my needs.
Especially the filter functionality is by far the best what i´ve seen.
Thanks Steven! Keep up the good work.
MusicBee ROCKS!


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Sorted - 34 872 (1.2 Tb - mostly flac's) and more than 3 TB unsorted  :)