Author Topic: So how big is your music library?  (Read 98785 times)


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Music is my life. Long time lurker, but used MusicBee the last couple of years. Before that I used Helium.

Anyway, here's my current stats:
728564 tracks
43563 albums
1626 days
5.1 GB

Corliss Rain

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92,864 files and I've still got a ton of CDs to rip! I've got to tell you, this is the best music player ever! So many different ways to sort and organize! Loving it!

Wow, I've added a lot of music since then. Currently sitting at 124,413 files and STILL not finished ripping CDs.

Terry Walker

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Wow, I've added a lot of music since then. Currently sitting at 124,413 files and STILL not finished ripping CDs.

 ???  wwwoooowww.... that's a lot of files to rip thou.


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Well how's this for MB can't handle this and that.

A while back I had a couple of hundred thou songs on a Dell XPS8920. Was slow and clunky, but after I-Tunes Music Bee was paradise. Was running about 16GB RAM.

I now have a Dell XPS 8940 with 128GB RAM and a Music Bee library of 1,017,303 tracks - 14963.2 GB - 2834.1 Days.

Music Bee now runs like a rocket, (or plane, fast car whatever). In fact it is faster than ever before. I can now scroll quite fast and all the thumbs are there all the time.
In fact anything loads as fast as!!!

So maybe Steven is just a bit ahead of his time and it is us catching up with him - not the other way around.

Thanks Steven a wonderful player, wouldn't swap it for quid's.


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Musicbee has been very  good to me  its fast and  simple thats what i was looking for in a player ,and if i have problems you guys have my back (you know who you are). My collection is up to 16,279 tunes which is all .flac and is 457,32 GB in size only 150GB left on drive. Rock on

I have been using it for almost a year now and its still going strong, I love the fact that it syncs with Spotify so I can listen to music from both services at the same time on my phone or home stereo. The interface is easy to use even with large libraries and there are many different ways to organize songs and albums across multiple devices. It's also great for sharing music between friends & family members, as well as managing playlists for parties or other gatherings. I think it will work for you.

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I'm at 259,000 tracks at the moment.  When clicking sort by title/artist or album,  MusicBee is quite fast at putting the tracks in order.
That's pretty impressive handeling that many tracks so fast.
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My MusicBee Version:


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Almost 15 years ago, I had a collection of 100-150 DVDs full of music. I still don't know what I planned to do with it. :)

Thank God for the internet and cloud.


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FWIW: while I'm regularly adding, these days when I get to ~10K, I start culling. I'm at 9424 today. I've refocused more on refining and listening, than collecting/adding,, and as part of that, I have been tracking down and re-ripping a lot of music into FLAC this year. Best listening to those months and years of files!

Travelling Man

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Joined today - been using Music Bee for a number of years - find it to be loads better than the fruit product which was far too laggy and memory intensive on my machine.  Play my music wirelessly from a NAS where I've ripped all my CDs to 320kbps mp3 files.  Collection currently stands at 48,237 files @ 438.1gb


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I've been collecting music for a long time.

Everything in FLAC, I only rip my own CD's.

4267 CD's (disks)
3498 Albums
1022 Artists
52081 Tracks
1330 Gb


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In the meantime added a lot of albums.
18285 albums of 6860 Album Artists
264456 tracks on 6 Tb of diskspace
Mostly FLAC files


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I just recently started to use MB, after what seems a lifetime in the iTunes world (the whole family has been iPhone users). But I can clearly see now that a better solution was out there.

I am currently at 25425 tracks, on 2067 albums, with 768 album artists. Disk space is just under 583GB. Most ripped from my CD library in ALAC (again, needed due to iOS influence), with some lingering mp3's from more than a decade ago.

The bigger challenge has been converting my vinyl collection to digital. So far I am at 167 albums. The transfers are in real time, plus the work to separate the tracks and clean them up before tagging. On a good weekend I can get through 5 or 6 albums. For now I am using 24bit/96kHz sample depth and rates for these, since disk space isn't as much a concern as it was back in the early days!



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Just short of 217,000 files/songs.  Works like a dream.