Author Topic: Add 'Album Rating' to Track Details Panel  (Read 4116 times)


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When Album rating are shown in album and track view they are shown as stars, but when it is shown in the track details pane it is show as a numerical value


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You didn't choose it from the 'Display Fields' list (it isn't there), so you must have typed it in manually.

The reason why track rating displays properly in the track info pane is because it is set as a special 'block' in:
preferences -> layout -> configure panel -> 'show track rating' checkbox.
If you just type <Rating> into the display field, it does the same thing - shows as a numerical value.

So what you're asking is, could 'show album rating' be added as a checkbox in the 'show track details' dialogue.

I'd +1 this request on the basis that many people may use album ratings instead of full-on track ratings.
It takes 30-45 minutes to rate 300 albums, but rating the tracks could take 5-10 hours.


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Yep that request sounds about right,  then I guess it is probably best in the wishlist section


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actually i've just realised that this was done already when i did the support for setting the type on custom tags (which you can now assign a rating type). However its display only, so you wont be able to click on it to change the rating (that only works for the purpose built track rating setting).
I will probably post an updated link later tonight