Author Topic: One zoom feature (the slider) for all Main Panel view options  (Read 2501 times)


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1. When Artwork view is used in the Main Panel there is a very useful feature: a small slider to zoom in and out.
Make the slider available for other views in Main Panel (Album and Track and Track Details) for readability reasons.

The slider is very small, doesn't clutter the interface and is very handy to use. It would be great when in Track Details view I could change the font size by zooming in with the slider. The zoom in/out function would apply for the Main Panel only and the solution would be consistent with the one used for Artwork View.

2. Alternatively, you could add Zoom Main Panel option the View menu. It could look like this:

View/ Zoom Main Panel - Zoom in (Ctrl+ +)
                                    - Zoom out (Ctrl + -)
                                    - Reset (Ctrl + 0)

The shortcuts shown above are used by default for zooming in majority Internet browsers, so it's worth to add it to MusicBee to cover the zoom function in Main Panel (that works as a kind of browser for music collection).

3. Finally, you could provide a solution that is a combination of the first and second one.

Happy New Year for all MusicBee fans and especially for Steven  :)