Author Topic: quick poll: how many people use individual track rating?  (Read 24216 times)


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Yes, I use individual track ratings. I've been using them since I met iTunes long long ago (about 5-6 years ago). My goal is to rate all my growing collection.
Besides, I use ratings to form playlists with 5-star ratings to listen in my portable player.


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Never used any kind of rating. I never will either, they're useless to me and I'm glad that musicbee enables me to get rid (for the most part) of the clutter that rating buttons and such create.


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Yes.  It's a great way of re-visiting music/artists you might have discovered were in your library, but didn't really know were there.  Especially if one has a gigantic library and can't remember every track name.  I often will be driving and listening to random music I've put on my iPod and will rate music on the road.

Muskoka Guy

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I run a micro-powered radio station in the remote area where I live and the ratings I have assigned are very useful.  I just started using MusicBee after ditching Songbird and had a a bit of bother transferring the ratings, a problem which I eventually solved.  Ratings are very useful to me as I like to create playlists which I can let play without having to skip over some tracks.  Most tracks I like get 3 stars, 4 occasionally, and 5 rarely.  I assign the ratings not as any judgement on what I regard as the track's intrinsic worth, just how often I'm guessing I want to hear it.  Some of my 2 star tracks I may regard as great pieces of music, I just don't want to hear them as often.  1 star tracks I don't really want to show up in playlists, but I may want them for reference purposes. 


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> I assign the ratings not as any judgement on what I regard as the track's intrinsic worth,
> just how often I'm guessing I want to hear it.  Some of my 2 star tracks I may regard as
> great pieces of music, I just don't want to hear them as often.

Ah, now that's an approach worth thinking about.
So does anyone make use of the 'selected by: highest rating' option in the autoplaylist 'restriction' settings?
Does it work well?


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I do, it allows me to move stuff into different playlist from my ipod or anywhere. LIke one star sends to one playlist. 2 stars sends to two playlist.....


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Yes, but I only give 5 star ratings to songs I really like, and blank for anything else.

same here :)


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Yes, I am slowly rating every song in my 13,000 song collection.  I am currently only listenning to un-rated songs as I rate them as I listen to them.  I have discovered some old gems that I havent heard for ages that way.  Once evrything is rated, I can then only listen to the songs that I like.


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Yes, i'm two months in the hard work of rating my best songs for easier finding and better playlists, and i am really proud of it. I use:
1 star - That song is an experiment of the artist
2 stars - Easy listening, no special feelings for that song
3 stars - a good song
4 stars - very good song
5 stars - Excellent

The 1 star playlist is strange, it gives an absurd mood.
The 2 stars are good for studying/concentrating in work.
The 2 and 3 are good for driving.
The 4 and 5 stars are good for improving mood and playing them at parties.

Explorer and WMP rates songs storing the value in the song AND in the library. So if we rate using MB there will be some delays until WMP realizes it.
I changed the setting of MB for using id3v3.2 instead of APE.


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Yes, but usually in the 3-5 stars range only.
Where 3 is better than average, 4 almost top and 5 is absolutely fantastic.
I leave everything else unrated


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This is what I have been doing for a while now, I never paid much attention to ratings before but when I started using it, it made a whole lot sense for me and adds a new dimension to the autoplaylist and all the different combinations that are possible.

I rate one cd at a time, start with the 1 star and work my way  up to 5

1 Star - Usually songs that I hate, automatic skip.
2 Stars - Songs that I don't like  but I don't get upset if I have to listen to it.
Obviously 1 and 2 are not considered anywhere in any playlist but I don't want to delete them since they are part of an official album (my OCD side)

3 Stars - Everything else that is not a 1 or 2, at this point should all be good songs.
4 Stars - Identify the top 3-4 songs as "Best of" (per CD), just like if I was creating a greatest hits compilation.
5 Stars - The masterpiece of the album, it's one of the 4 stars above that becomes a 5 stars. Although I have to admit that sometimes it is difficult. I usually ask myself the question if I had to listen to only 1 song on that album which one would it be... but sometimes I do have 2....

Also I use the grouping field to identify the rating. So for all 5 stars I indicate a "5" in the grouping field and so on. There is 2 purpose for that:
1) if for some reason my rating gets deleted or someone messes it up, I can identify/isolate the proper rating via that field.
2) if I need to use another program that does not recognise/support the rating system, I can also use that field to identify and reset my rating system in a matter of seconds.