Author Topic: quick poll: how many people use individual track rating?  (Read 21583 times)


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Nope, no ratings whatsoever.
I never saw a real need for it.  Although after reading many threads about it (mostly here in the MB forums) I can see it's use, but not for me.  I like my music.  That's why I have the CDs and tracks that I have.  Yes, of course there are tracks that aren't as great as others, and that's what the "skip to next track" button is for.  And if -really- dislike a ripped track, I have a DELETE button.

just what i think ..  ;D


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I don't use 5 star ratings, for the same reason that YouTube ditched them, I was only really 5 starring the songs I really liked and one starring the ones I didn't, with maybe the occasional 4 star.

Instead I use the love button, which is one of the largest reasons I use MusicBee.


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I'm giving tunes that is from: just OK up to good and nice, a three star rating. A four is a very good song and so on. A two-and-a-half is an OK tune but not so good that I wan't to call it good. I do this with ratings on IMDB too, e.g. a 5-star movie is a OK movie, nothing more nothing less.


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Yes. I like rating as I listen, and seeing if I still agree with previous ratings. And as an aside, I LOVE Music Bee's album rating option. I yearned for that for years using itunes, MB rules!


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I don't store anything in any cloud (paranoid maybe :o) and I keep everything  :-[. Over the years my music tastes have changed and songs I liked, I now don't and songs I didn't like I now love ;D So to keep track of the 30+k of songs I rate them and I use 1/2 stars as well (so effectively 1 to 10). As I listen to stuff I have changed my thinking on I change the rating. It takes a lot of work to get it sorted but once your there it is easy to maintain and finding some good stuff is easy.


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YUP!! Very useful for podcasts too!!!  :) (as an exaggeration i would like also 1/4 rating star)
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Yes, I do.

It can help easily distinguish between versions of a song.  Plus, I'm weening off of Zune where you were able to sort songs within an album or within an artist for all their albums.  Then I could play them and not have to bother making a playlist or skip tracks I don't want to hear.