Author Topic: Musicbee skin SteelAndBee  (Read 43538 times)


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Please be so kind to re-up. The upper mentioned link is dead. Thanks  :D


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it should already be part of the musicbee 1.4 or 2.0 installation package under the Neutral skins folder


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Another request for the source of this skin (from the OP or anyone else who downloaded it before the link died). Would love a slightly darker variation based on these player controls, but with the main app colours more similar to Smooth Tuned Dark Grey (but with the yellow highlights obviously).


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Another person for the re-up of the source, I am thinking of building a new skin and if possible would like to build it off this one.  I know the OP hasn't been the most active person but surely someone has a copy of the original XML somwhere


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You guys should send PM as steven have done, otherwise i won't receive any emails notifications.
The link for the sources in the first post is okay now, and should stay online on mediafire for a while as i didn't post it as a guest this time.