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Just one little thing I noticed: When I mark all entries of the whole library to then delete all entries, in german, it will ask

"Alle Dateien löschen?"

Well .. that's delete all files, while in reality, the line should be only "Clear the library, i.e. list of managed files (not destructive)". It gives me the heebie jeebies, if i read "Delete all files", that's quite a different thing and sounds more like a harddisk wipe.
Nothing big, but scary :)


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There are some different stages of deletion in MB -playlist -library -harddisk
for library-harddisk the stronger deletion method and 'yes' are preselected
therefore it is nice to hear that the user pays attention in this moment  :)
The wording "Alle Dateien löschen?" does not exist in this way. You can paste
the exact phrase for a recheck in the german translation thread or PM a commented screenshot


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You're right, I was inaccurate :) I had all Albums marked (Ctrl-A) and then right-clicked to "löschen", which gives you:

It does ask properly, it's not that bad ... but I'd not say "Nur aus der Bibliothek löschen" ... maybe "Aus der Bibliothek entfernen. Datei(en) bleib(t/en) unberührt" is a bit clearer. And instead of "Aus Bibliothek und vom Computer löschen" I'd say "Aus Bibliothek entfernen und von der Festplatte löschen". It's a bit more obvious then. Agreed, it's very cosmetic and I'm criticising on a high level here :-) but thanks for reacting to even a detail!
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