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Well, MusicBee it's the best music player that I never seen.
In Linux, the unique real alternatives are Exaile and Amarok, Amarok it's slow and crappy an Exaile it's good but I still prefer MusicBee, because MusicBee it's excelent in all the sents except one; Dont have Linux version, so I suggest to create a MusicBee Linux Version and for first time create the real alternative of the king Amarok




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If you had used search you would had found many threads requesting exactly the same thing. Use search and you will definitely find answers to what you are looking for  ;)


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I was a long term linux user and found the same issues. I finally settled on Banshee as my music player of choice. It has new replaced rythembox with Ubuntu and been intergrated quite well (not sure which distro you use). It is very good and well laid out. however it's not even a patch on MB but it is one of the best on Linux.