Author Topic: Wistlist: skins, tools, user interface, differents mini player  (Read 4828 times)


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1-Different skins for the main interface would be great
-like spotify

2-Few nice very small mini player
-i would like to have a mini player small but efficient like a small winamp nearly like it appears with windows 7 when you move your mouse over MB in the taskbar...
cover of the album / artist + album + title + time over total + easy to rate + volume(&mute button) / previous+play+next / bitrate (non necessary)+ shuffle on off  + a button linked to the now playing (but not the main function)

3-when I am in a folder in MB, I often do CTRL+A to select the whole album and right click to edit the tags, sometimes the selection moves to only one particular mp3 and I edit only one tag...a bit more smoother could be great

4-a better help menu, the bad and good point with MB is that there are many functions... To learn them feel sometimes a bit difficult.
Especially in the preferences (which is however very well organised for this program), a very small button "?" that explains: what is it, what are the default one, and example of the default function and one particular function

5-A better integration of LAST.FM...
-it does not seem to scrobble right now!!! and on nothing appears, the button is not red, but after few minutes (?), it become red again and Last Fm wrote even the songs that i though it will not scrobble...
-I like sometimes to see similar artist of what is played right now, (possible to add close to Lyrics), I saw this in one player on Linux

6-I was thinking about an improvement of the organisation (and to make it easy and nice) of the different panels, but I can not draw any good one with so many  functions right now...

7-I was wondering about the search in the library and quick finder. why is the quick finder so fast? why it can not be used in the search directly?

8-my dream plug-in: to activate a "MB server mode", when i am not at home (and I am often not at home), I can not listen to the music on the HDD at home, I would like to have a small program MB that access and sync to my playlists (at least) and can listen to them from where I am with few information: IP address, username, password,... the small program will sync and get some streaming music from MB server mode (at home) which streams the music.
I can see more applications in the future... for smart phone for example....

9-I do not use so  much Linux because I can not do everything with it, but there is not any (I tried many and many) good stable (for a lot of data) and nice and functionable (and accepting accents) on the files Music player on Linux, do you know if MB works with wine?

10-AutoDJ is it at the right place? should not be this windows instead of now playing?. so we select some songs and then it finds new ones and add it in the play now... (and maintain 5 upcoming tracks seems strange sometimes by the choice...)


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regarding 5, just to confirm i correctly understand, you are saying it did eventually connect to and all the tracks that had been played did scrobble ok - its just that it took a long time to connect?
If so, does have a recommended protocol when connecting and it doubles the time between each unsucessful connection - it just sounds like their servers might not have been responding very well. Normally i find the connection quite fast. MB would cache any played songs and scrobble them when a successful connection is established which sounds like is what happened