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Hi Steven,

I have a suggestion about the new tag grid feature.
As I can see, when a tag key is present either in the file and MB database, this key is listed twice in the grid.
This could make editing a little boring, one should type twice the same data in order to change them in the file and DB.
Instead, you can add two more columns with ticks that indicates whether the tag is present in the MB database and in the file.
When editing, one can choose (tick) to add/update the tag only in the MB or in the file and MB.
What do you think?


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i think i'm going to adjust the approach i've used on the tag grid - there is some filtering and abstraction of tags when MB reads tags, and can lead to duplication depending how you have set up your custom tags.
However i think its more useful if the tag grid showed exactly whats in the file with the exact tagname, the mapped logical tag the MB recognies and the tag value.
id        name      value
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