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hi people - i'm a COMPLETE newbie on MB so would just like to say hi to everybody! this looks like the most amazing music app - i have to say that i'm quite daunted by a lot of the stuff which i currently don't understand, but all that means is that i have a lot to learn, so i guess you'll be hearing from me often!  :)

It's quite fast to get started. The advanced options are really, really useful if you know how to use them but aren't necessary to enjoy MB. Just explore and take one step at a time and you'll soon be a MB pro!


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I absolutely love Musicbee - thank you. I used MediaMonkey exclusively for 7 years and didn't think anything would have me give up on it, but through crashes and issues over the past few years I finally tried MusicBee and this is now my favorite player. I love the customization, features, SPEED, and lack of crashes. It's great so far - thank you.  ;D


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I created this account to

What an amazing player, and an amazing program. It's fast. Lightweight. Smart. User friendly.

I have a pretty good collection (120gb, 7000 songs) and musicbee snatched em all up and organized them, AND gave me the option (which i've needed for a while) to edit my tags. Everything, literally everything about this program is amazing. And *FREE*. Truly amazing that a developer can spend countless days making an amazing program and still give it away for free. I use it all the time, the plugins are great. Once i get a couple of bucks together, i'll donate as well. I'd like to thank the developer for everything he has done to shape musicbee to be where it is now, and i hope to see new and amazing features soon!



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Thanks for Music Bee, recently had to do a fresh Windows install and it made it so much easier than I have ever experienced in the past :D My podcast library is just there how I have always liked it :)


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Just wanna welcome myself back to MusicBee, now
that we (are going to) have UPnP support.
 ;D ;D ;D
Thanks Master Steven!


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I have only been using MusicBee for less than a week but it has already fundamentally changed the way I organise and sort through my new music. It has also allowed me to quickly catch a lot of tagging errors that weren't so obvious in other players.

I'm entirely amazed with the speed in which I was assisted and how fast your development is.

This is an incredibly powerful tool and I'm kicking myself for staying with iTunes out of habit for so long.

Thanks Steven, you're bloody amazing! I will be contributing to your beer fund very shortly!  ;D
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I grabbed MusicBee after discovering that my old faithful (Winamp, yup) needed some trickery to support CUE files with single volume FLAC files. I find Winamp's interface to be a bit sleeker and more user-friendly, but MB's wealth of functionality makes up for it's more utilitarian interface.

Thanks for a product which has managed to impress me after just one day!


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I'm very much a newbee (  ;) ) to MusicBee, but after playing around with it for a couple days, I'm left asking myself why I kept putting up with iTunes for so long.

This is a great piece of software and I'm amazed that one person is responsible for creating this, so Steven, thank you very much.

Instead of writing a long winded piece on why I'm finding MusicBee such a relief, I'll just say that it is exactly the piece of software I've been looking for over the past few years.

Thank you very much for dedicating your spare time to this.
When I get paid next, I am making a donation.



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I can't contribute anything that hasn't been said here already, but I signed up here to do just this (show my appreciation) and dammit I'm gonna!

MusicBee is awesome. I agree whole-heartedly with elthandiel above, I cannot believe how I got so used to iTunes that I never explored any other options until now.

Steven, you are a hero! I'm completely baffled how you can be pulling this off all by yourself. This is one of those things that really restores your faith in humanity.

For now you will have to be content with my undying love, but as soon as I get a job I'll definitely make a donation! You rule!

PS: Lovin' the nacho theme. My screen looks so cheerful!  ;D


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Thanks for all the fish and Steven Mayall's musicbee.
Excellent work!  8)



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I was looking for an alternative to iTunes for use with my iPod Classic. iTunes has become an overweight white elephant. MB appears to be more than I could ever have dreamed of. Thanks. Once I use it a bit more and it continues to amaze me, I'll likely hit the PayPal button. :)


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OK ... I still think MB is the best ... although, as I have discovered, it can't or won't sync with my iPod Classic. Even though I set the paths to the "hidden" folders on my iPod, it reads everything including the artwork, but won't sync. Oh well. I guess I'll have to use iTunes to sync it and be happy MB at least reads it when it's connected. Very happy it does that.


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Thank you so much for getting my vast music collection in just the right order. WMP was about to give me an aneurysm! I love the duplicate file feature...LOVE IT!  And I like the sound. I love the lyrics/picture view; just awesome! I wish it wasn't so late and I could experience my new greatest find! I shared it on Facebook.  Thanks again. It is just perfect!  :D :-* ;) ;D


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I have been using MusicBee for more than 5 months now and it is the best Music Manager I have ever used. Thank you Steve.