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I'm a new user, just arrived on a journey that began with a good few years of WinAmp followed by a good few more as a happy MediaMonkey gold version user. Those MM features were great, but eventually it seemed that other, newer players were getting simpler and cleaner. So I went looking, and arrived here (via SongBird and Clementine) on a LifeHacker recommendation.

I felt right at home in MB on day one, and the Wiki made it easy to find the couple of extra codecs I wanted to set up. It's great that there's an active community gathered around MB, and great to have found the player I'd always hoped to see some day - easy and intuitive to use, powerful when you need to organise stuff, and yet unobtrusive when it's time to enjoy the music. I can only guess how much work it takes to produce something this good, and to support it so responsively. Big thanks to all who put energy into the forum and the wiki, and very big thanks to Steven.


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I am so glad I found musicbee it is truely a great program,
I have made sense of the madness that is my music collection and for that Steven I thank you.


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A great program with many features "in the box" that have to be added to Media Monkey by clunky scripts.  I particularly like the automatic update of playcount from Last.Fm on start up and the Last.FM "loved" tracks handling.

However, lack of support for iPod sync (recent models) means I still have to use Media Monkey for music management, but MusicBee is my player of choice on a second PC.

Update 25/07/2014:

Now using Music Bee to manage and play music on both my PCs - it seems that every day I find a cool feature that others don't have.  Amazingly fast, stable, and the greatest accolade of all - it just lets you get on with the music and that is what it is all about.  Definitely leading the pack.  Have set up a sync to Media Monkey for updating my iPod, but worth the inconvenience to be able to use Music Bee for everything else.
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Started with Winamp many, many years ago then on to MediaMonkey Gold a few years ago and everything was fine, but MM became slower and  more bloated every update. Only found out about MusicBee a couple of weeks ago and although there were a few hiccups, I now love it. It is so comprehensive and fast that I could never go back to other music players.


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signed in just to say THANKS!!!  Brilliant job!

just installed update and want to say...what a great job in streamlining the UI...AWESOME!!


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I am using MB for just over 1 year now...and still learning abt. the features every day! :)

It is BY FAR the best music database around! it handles my ....very large collection without any problem!

A big THANKS to Steven, but also to all the hero members that jump in on a question and help you!

Guys!  THANKS!!!!!  ;)

If at all I can be of any help, let me know!



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MusicBee to the rescue! (Again)

Long story short, I was unexpectedly called on to DJ at my cousin's wedding reception today.  Thanks to MusicBee enabling my obsessive compulsive organizational tendencies, I was able to throw together an appropriate playlist on the fly.  I got several compliments and was even able to fill the requests that came in.
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Wow, Wow, Wow!....its like having the early versions of MusicMatch back! maybe better! (this is an extreme compliment coming from me, a very old school mp3 guy).

simple to use, but also full featured, but without being bogged down with all the self serving features and overhead  of most of the other players.
only thing ive tried since Musicmatch that serves well as a party jukebox and a music collection organizer. and ive tried many....ive found good ones for each, but not both.

with a large collection, it scanned it in no time and set me up and ready to go!
I definitely will be donating...
one question... I see the donation link to help pay server costs, is that the same link to donate for the software?
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one question... I see the donation link to help pay server costs, is that the same link to donate for the software?
Yes. its the same


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Well, this is the most customisable and advanced music organizer I've found. It's perfect for me to combine my dj and my personal libraries under the same software.

So thank you Steve!!!


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To appreciate my favourite Music Player, Music Bee, I've included a small click out at the bottom of my new site, which is a collaboration of the top  Iplus [itune's purchased] communities  live chat boxes
You can check it out at if that's down you may use
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I've been using Winamp since about 1998/1999, and I tried every manner of replacement for it so many times, never finding one suitable, or one I could be comfortable with--until MusicBee! I really adore this program.


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Just a quick 'Thank You' in acknowledgement of all your time and hard work in getting Version 2.4 out.
Liking this version so much I even kicked the tin in appreciation   :o
MusicBee and my library - Making bee-utiful music together


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I only recently decided to rebuild my music library after having the same 9 or 10 albums on my iPod/Android for the last 5 years or so.  My 'archive' was a compressed folder containing a disparate collection of albums, tracks and mixes from various sources which needed some untangling and tagging; there were several albums worth of tracks whose only identifying tag was 'unknown track', 'unknown artist' or 'unknown album'!

After some problems with WMP breaking my desktop's Start button I turned to Google and discovered MusicBrainz Picard, and of course MB.  Coupled with Youtube, a weekend saw me well on the way to ID3 Nirvana...

MusicBee is excellent, thank you Steven, devs etc... for your work.


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hi people - i'm a COMPLETE newbie on MB so would just like to say hi to everybody! this looks like the most amazing music app - i have to say that i'm quite daunted by a lot of the stuff which i currently don't understand, but all that means is that i have a lot to learn, so i guess you'll be hearing from me often!  :)