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just found the thread & apart from my recent comments in the general threads-

for all those that aren't converts yet you soon will be

i used MB as WMP couldn't even play my wav files!! 

Steven, if you need any avant garde music files just let me know!!!!


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Well, years ago I used WinAMP, then I switched to MediaMonkey, because I just loved the "Album Art"-Look. But I was never really happy with MediaMonkey, because it is a way to buggy. scrobbling did not work properly, sometimes MM crashed, ugly GUi and with large collections slow as hell.

And finally I found the perfect alternative: MusicBee.
It does just, what I want.
I can configure it like I want.
It works, just like I want.
Freeware, just like I want my software.
A beautiful, hard-working community and much more...

I love it!
Thank you, Steven! Highly appreciated :).

Kind regards,


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Its official ,after over 40 years of listening to music this is the best setup i ever had its fast  efficient and compact. Thanks MUSICBEE.
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MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, K-Lite Codec pack and... MUSICBEE - this is "must have" software list on my computer! Well done!


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Winamp - A Bloated hasbeen
MediaMonkey - Good but getting bloated with video and it kept crashing and losing its settings
Foobar - looks like it was coded in Amiga basic, and really couldn't be bothered with the hassle of customizing it.
MusicBee... Frikin AWESOME! Very nearly perfect... I cant even think of anything I want added... its that good.

Well done Steven, this is the best music player out there for sure.


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Thanks for the best music player!
Site retweeted and Gplused  :D


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I discover new things to do with MB every day !!
I like the player and this forum.
Thanks to all of you for your help and particularly to Steven to do such a great work and for your accurate answers.
I'm a newbie here but don't have the feeling to be treated like that by all of you.

Cheers.  :)


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Hello everyone,

1st post here, just putting out my appreciation for this wonderful app.
Great player, the tagging/organizer is a must-have, and everything else is just super handy.

Many thanks to everyone involved.

mickey scratcher

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only been using music bee for a couple of days now and i love it already. thank you


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Thank you for Version 2.0, Steven. Works like a charm until now.  8)

MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, K-Lite Codec pack and... MUSICBEE - this is "must have" software list on my computer! Well done!
should be:
"LibreOffice, Gimp, ffdshow and... MUSICBEE"
Than I have to admit. ;)

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After being frustrated with various other music players for the longest time, I am very very happy  ;D with MusicBee 2.0 (betas and now final release).

Thanks for all the work you've put in and the wonderful product you've made.




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 Been using all sorts of apps to sync Android phone and came across MusicBee a couple of days ago, I wish I had found it months ago I cannot recommend it enough, truly truly brilliant - many many thanks


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much appriciated and yes this serves my 50.000+ collection well. V2.0 is a step forward that is realy giant - my wife uses i Tunes for her iPod, i use Musicbee and i am a happy lad! Thanks and may the sun shine for you, anytime, anywhere.
With cheers from Germany