Author Topic: Official MB appreciation thread  (Read 245853 times)


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  • Scrobbling with this awesome MusicBee Player♥
Good Moring MB users

I signed up here today to leave my appreciation for this awesome MB Player.
I have tried many players over the years, free and paid versions, but MB is the #1 for me!
It does everything I was looking for. My main goal was to find one who would nicely crossfade my tracks on all terms, even on skipping a track, and MB does exactly that!
Of course it has many other useful functionalities like the build-in scrobble plugin. I just love MusicBee ♥

So, a big THANK YOU! to the MB developers. You guys ROCK!♥
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adding my voice to the choir. been using this app for years now and it never ceases to amaze and enhance the enjoyment of music. all the work and focus and attention to detail that went into it is a blessing, thank you.


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After updating to v3.5.8384 on my Win10 PC, I noticed that MB is now automatically picking up new files as I add them to my music folder on my NAS!
I had configured it to watch my music folder years ago when I first started using MB, but it never seemed to work - I always had to restart MB to see the new music.
I'm very happy this is now working!

Thank you Steven!