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Have to 100% agree with that, love the program.

Can be confusing at times with all the various options and a few bugs here and there but the support you get on here is second to none and bugs are fixed quite quickly.


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I needed a new music library software for my new computer. I used to use MediaMonkey since, besides Winamp, was the only thing that could handle all my music for the longest time. (I enjoyed Songbird when it came out but it was about as fast as a snail, and I just never liked Spotify). I wanted to try something new since MM seemed pretty slow on my (to be fair, old) laptop.
My friend recommended MusicBee to me, so I decided to try it out.
I'm glad I did; there are tons of customization options AND tagging options, which is great for me. The Inbox feature is also amazing since I'm extremely picky about my tags; its now so easy to double check them before releasing my music into my library (or if I need to check on something I just send it to the Inbox for later). What a great idea.

Thanks <3


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Throwing out my thanks and appreciation of this program. Tried to keep using Windows Media Player for music, but it was just crashing too often under W10. Found this program mentioned on Life Hacker and have to say it's great!

Almost too great... (looks around for the catch...)

Again, thank you!


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I am a DJ as a hobby and have been looking for a proper music library management software for quite some time.
Starting out with Winamp i tried MediaMonkey and various others, all missing my requirements for a decent tool with enough tag editing power.
MusicBee is now my choice for over a year and a half and especially since v3 there is close to nothing i am missing,
so thank you very, very much Steven for developing a helpful and reliable tool like this for the public. =)


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Yesterday I suffered a corrupted Windows profile due to some registry nonsense. Figured, might as well use this as motivation to finally move my desktop to Linux. Check through my programs to see what I'd lose. Hmm, everything I use has a Linux variant or acceptable replacement... Wait... MusicBee... Guess I better find my Windows iso. (Love this program)


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For nearly the last ten years I use Winamp. It's a great program and I can find any title on my harddisks within a few seconds.
I tag all ca. 200.000 titles for my wishes.
Three weeks ago, someone told about musicbee and I installed it to see, if it's better and I can use it.
And I must say: Wow. A great program with so many setting options; too many for a newbie. :-)
But I hope, I find the right solution for me. Till now my settings are quite good. But they still need some finetuning. ;-)
I will ask for that in another thread.

So: Thanks for that wonderful program. I think, winamp is no longer needed.


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Just got around the version 3 update now, love the customization it has, and still retains all the stuff that makes Music Bee great!


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I have no words...

I installed MusicBee yesterday and have been playing with it all night. I am completely in love with it!

This is all I ever wanted my music player to be and more!

Coming from MediaMonkey, the UI and functionality feels very familiar and yet...
I keep stumbling on so many little things that are exactly how I wish they were in MM. i had a huge smile on my face tweaking the layout and discovering how well thought out the program is.

It's intuitive, full of useful functionalities, customization-friendly, fast and gorgeous!

Mad respect for the creator and the community (that windows 10 skin is so clean!)

And Hello to everyone since this is my first post.


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MusicBee is the best since slice bread.
Longtime ago I decided to have all music on the computer, I tested a few and didn’t like Winamp and Win media player ouch. Then I thought iTunes was best for me. But then I got into Flac.

MusicBee has similar GUI as iTunes with column browser but tons of more features. And handles “all” file formats. Maybe a little longer learning curve to really use all features and get the best organizing.

Here is as I understand it one guy making what is one of the best music library cataloging programs that exist, if not the best.
I’ll guess MS had an entire department to handle it’s cumbersome Media Player, and now their new thing Groove. Just besides the shop I suppose there is plenty of people working on it, and still it’s not even remotely useful for cataloging music files. “Easy to use” but can’t be used for anything.
“We” don’t hope so, but seriously MS should buy this MusicBee fellow out by a couple of billions and make a scaled down easy to use version and an advanced version. Connected to their music shop.


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I used Windows Media Player for a long time, now looking back I don't know why I liked to self-sacrifice using it. After that I used Winamp and got very relieved about it's light resource usage, but it always was somehow buggy and it wasn't getting updates anymore. After that I decided to try something else and came across MusicBee, it was already being recommended as the best music player around the net and I can say it really is. Love the program, it's lightness, and the layout customization.

A very important thing for me was it's ability to transfer music files through a wifi connection to my device, without crashing (Winamp crashed almost every time) or taking too much time. And the great bee was the only solution I found.


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I have been looking for a WMP replacement for YEARS! I have tried numerous options and nothing has ever worked well until I found musicbee today!

Was trying to listen to some Kygo today and windows media player was doing it's typical unresponsive BS at boot but this time it would not unfreeze. That was it! I did a google search for an alternative and found this...please keep musicbee alive. I went to my virusvanquisher facebook page and shared your program page and my twitter as well :)

I also downloaded both versions (full and portable) and have added them to my flash drive tool kit that I am hardcore OCD about filling with only the best programs and tools. I am IT for the state and own a computer repair company and will be putting this program on all PCs that I do fresh installs of windows on. I pride myself on how I layer on software on PCs that I fix up for people and am thrilled that I have finally found a program that allows me to remove WMP (that sucks sh!t through a straw) and replace with.

Thanks again!
Best of luck and please keep this up.


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I too have been using WMP12 for years (With WMP+ and Tag Plus) since there was nothing like it. Nothing could replace the god-tier album art view and the way it handled stuff, but since MS has been neglecting it and not fixing some very obvious bugs and adding missing features I was trying to look for an alternative. I tried all music players I could find, but none of them could even come close to functionality I came to expect from WMP.

Then I found this player. I admit I was overwhelmed at first since WMP was mostly "plug-n-play" so to speak. I downloaded the portable version and tinkered with it until I got what I needed which took some time indeed as the default layout seemed too foobar-ish which isn't what I wanted at all. But in the end I managed to tune it to my flow I was used to over the years.

I am glad this player exists and even more that new features still come(oh man module music support is something I wanted for so long since I have some old-ass obscure game music in MOD/XM)
Thank you for making this and maintaining it. It's much appreciated.


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Just wanted to say that I think Music Bee is the best music player on earth.

Thumbs up, and thanks for your good software!



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This program gets better and better with every update! Thank you soooooo much for re-appreciating my libraries.


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Inspite of its short-comings in some versions, it is still the best music programme and organiser around. I have tried almost all of the rest but MB is definitely the best. One just needs time to get used to its various functions and how to adjust them to one's needs. Good work Steven!