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I came to MusicBee because after years of using WMP and having all my music in WMA Lossless. Upon updating to windows 7 the media player ran into some very stubborn problems (like a very screwed up crossfading issue). I have not looked back and have been using MB on two computers at home. I love the way the library is presented in artwork view. Theatre mode is wonderful (just need that large album art view), and it just never crashes.

I have Japanese made Onkyo sound cards in my computers and the sound quality is second to nun. 

Thank you so much for this excellent software.


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I am not a computer wizard and music bee sure helps a dummee


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I have barely touched my music in almost a year thanks to the bloatware I had been using, which took minutes from clicking play to hearing the song.

After 12 hours importing all my tunes, I haven't had to wait once for anything, which is blowing my mind. It's as simple as a music player should be, with plenty of features to customize.

I love the lyrics tab too. 99% of the songs I've checked so far have them.

Great job and thanks to everyone who works on this software.


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I was turned on to MB about 2 years ago and I have not looked back or used iTunes since. The features in MB are very well thought out and I appreciate all it does.

As a musician, it makes my life easier keeping up with set lists, custom fields, etc. As a music listener, it blows away anything out there currently.

The only thing I'd like to see in MB is support to manage current iPhones (5/6).


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Yes! It's such a great program with so many different features packed into it and can do everything I want it to do and more. Continues to surprise me with have much stuff is in there, whilst managing to be lightweight and looking great. Love it!


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I started using Winamp in 1.x and 2.x days, then moved iTunes 12 years ago (before it had smart playlists, before there was a music store).  It was simple in those days and just worked.  During those 12 years it started adding duplicates, losing track of files, and even destroyed all of my album art with the latest Apple Music upgrade.  It became difficult to manage.  I wanted to get back to the days of "songs are just files on disk".  Yet I didn't want to give up the organizational features.  I evaluated Media Monkey, JRiver, Winamp, and a dozen others.  All of them lacked something.

In the end I think I will go with MusicBee because:

MusicBee is the perfect balance between minimal, yet fully-featured, light-weight, yet customizable.  Custom tagging, library and ui customization is fantastic.

MusicBee handles playlists exactly how I wanted: as .m3u files on disk, yet with library integration!

MusicBee's interface starts out simple and uncluttered, yet it offers every feature I could dream of under the hood.

Portable install means I can use a single USB thumb drive or android music player between work and home.  No running servers, no clouds, no syncing (I've tried every combination you could think of).  It just works.  It's all local. 

As a long-time computer user (25 years), I love the old-school simplicity vs. new-school feature balance MusicBee strikes.


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I came from MediaMonkey, great program but imo it is nothing compared to MusicBee.


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it's been some time since i've updated MB. such a good program I've tried every other one I could find.


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I've been using this since 2011, after my iPod broke down and now I'm using Android phone that compatible with the software and now it's my primary media player to transfer songs into my phone.

By the way, as this software got bigger? 60% of my songs are under the new tag thanks to Musicbee.


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This is just what I have been looking for for about 2 years. I have been using Winamp ever since the late 90s, and while it still works fine, I have been wanting an alternative that is still being actively developed, that maybe has a few new useful (strong emphasis on useful) features, without missing half of the ones I am used to.
And then today I did a random google search for "windows audio player", and found a list with this on the top, from someone claiming it is their new favorite, replacing Winamp as their top pick. So I figured I'd give it a try, not expecting too much after plenty of disappointments in the last years. And I was just blown away.
So for the last hour or more, I've been just grinning away looking at all the settings and customization options, thinking to myself this has got to be the best piece of software I've discovered in years. I'm in love.


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What can i say?

The last time i got very exicted this much about some software for music was back in start/mid 00's when i was in my elemenary/highschool.Back then "Musicmatch Jukebox" was, for me,  the extraordinary tool and the best way to play, rip, burn2cd and orginize music (thier Library was always something clearly and awesome).I still have this software installed for nostalgia but as i started to use i needed something to be connected on that site.Winamp & Foobar did that for me, for some time.My Linux years were full of Clementine and Amarok.But at the end of this 2015 i just somehow ran on MusicBee and without doubt there is nothing similar in awesomness and details...or i didn't find it, yet... :D
I'm student of biology and classification and order was always somehow a part of this natural science...and with MusicBee i found a way to orginise on the most beautfiul way a music from my computer.And that "Bee"...hmm,everything has sense know.I am going to listen "The Beekeeper" album by Tori Amos, right know, just to extend that sense on a whole new level. :D :) ;D

All the best, you got an addicted user here.


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I'm new to MB. Been using media monkey for years. Switching to MB for the more modern, artwork integrated interface. But especially the freedom of tag management MB offers. I'll be making a donation and donating atleast what I'd be spending on media monkey for every release.


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"Buzzing" here... get it?... okay then.. any hows, fantastic player, dumped itunes ages ago since it don't support flac ext, but yeah, MusicBee is my main audio player now!!

I tried a couple of recommendations and so called "best of" but none were keepers and frankly made my music collection sound sh*tty, I'm glad I came across this little gem of a player!!!

I love the fact that the player has a natural and pure audio sound with NO added crappy DSP reverbs, echoes and other rubbish that masks your music listening experience, this just pumps out music rawness!!!

Keep up the great work... Cheers!!!


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I have just discovered Musicbee since changing to Windows 10 (had always just suffered along with WMP in earlier versions of Windows).  I have to thank Steven for the tremendous job he's done in creating a stable, flexible, feature-rich player and organization tool.  My sincere thanks!

I know this isn't the wish list page, but I do wish there was a way other than PayPal to donate....


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I have been using MusicBee for years now. I have tried every other music organisation software but only MusicBee gives me the features I want and need. I am also testing MusicBee 3 and I hope that it will continue to develop as the previous versions have done. One of the strongest features in MusicBee, up to 2.5, has been the integrated browser which helps me a lot to tag mp3 especially with regards to the year. (using discogs).
Forget all other music software, Musicbee is the best software around and no matter what other software you try, you will find that you will be coming back to Musicbee!