Author Topic: Narrowing of search by clicking on an 'Active' link, for eg Album or Artist  (Read 2346 times)


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Great Program. Trying to find one that does the same as both Windows Media Player, and Itunes.
The only shortfall i see here is the core of my subject line. I search for eg 'Howie' (looking for Howie Day' in as few keystrokes as possible.)  I get 'Howie Tee', 'Howie B', and 'Howie Day'. I then want to just click on 'Howie Day'  as an Active Linked name, which will filter out the other 2 from there, like windows media player and media monkey does. Maybe someone raised this before? Regards Hardo


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Old thread, but still ..
I strongly opt for that suggestion !   

As a monkey-refugee, thats one of the very few things i miss from the past  :'(


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Actually this was already implemented some time ago. All you have to do is middle-click using the mouse on any field and then it will filter depending on that field. E.g middle-click on year 2000 will filter to all track with year 2000 or on artist Beatles will filter to all track of that artist and so on
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its also available with
right click on field/ Play More to directly play the tracks
right click on field/ Search/ to filter