Author Topic: Remove artwork and merge tracks (album)  (Read 4214 times)


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1) Follow up on my bug report about artwork assignment, I would like to see a command to remove artwork.
2) I often end up with tracks in different albums (namewise) allthough they are from the same album.
It would be perfect if I could just drag track (s) to the correct album (mediaplayer has this option  ;) )


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you can remove artwork in the Artwork tab of the tag editor
and to drag a track to an album, there is the Quick Finder on the left panel - just choose the filter to be Album and then drag the bad track(s) to the approriate album name in the quick finder and the album name will get reset - bit of a hidden feature i will admit. However that wont set the album picture - only the name. Does WMP set both the album name and picture when you drag to an album?