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I do stand corrected, I did discover the other day that the actual mini lyrics program is still pulling lyrics but I also use another music program in conjunction with musicbee to gather lyrics and other data that has a plugin that does use that website to pull lyrics which wasn't working any more. when you have a rather large music library you tend to like to have things like that a little more automated, going through song by song one at a time can be a bit time consuming to say the least. 


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I'm new to MusicBee and I'm attempting to integrate synchronized lyrics using MiniLyrics and this plugin.  I downloaded mb_MiniLyricsHelper (DotNet4).zip from this plugins page.

I've configured MiniLyrics to save all lyrics to a specific directory, using the same name as the song file, and I've configured the MiniLyrics Helper plugin to retrieve and show the downloaded lyrics files from that same directory.

When a song starts playing, the lyrics are downloaded and displayed successfully in MiniLyrics.  However, the lyrics don't appear in MusicBee the first time the song is played.  They do appear in MusicBee on every subsequent play.

I read in another topic that the plugin was updated to include polling to resolve this issue, but it doesn't seem to be working; songs play through in their entirety without displaying any lyrics.

Do I have an outdated version of the plugin?  Is something else going wrong?

Thanks for any help you can provide.