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Hey there,

I'm using MusicBee since a few days and I'm already in deep love with it.
But I find it annoying that I can't do in the Inbuild-Firefox-like-Browser what I want.
I would be cool to be able to deactivate the restrictions, like beeing not able to install extensions or the small context menue.
If I could copy Images, I would be able to search hard to find artwork manualy and put it directly in the right field.

Thanks :-)



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i've been asked a few times but i dont how how to get firefox plugins/ extensions working. Its not actually firefox - its the same underlying infrastructure. I doubt very much i will have the time to investigate this, and its possible in the future i might switch to IE or webkit (chrome) infrastructure given the changes firefox has made recently


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Thanks a lot for you answer and your great work!
I'm lookin forward for a new browser...for my needs it would be enough to copy images from the Google Picture Search to the artwork (which would be easy if the right-click-menue shows not only the copy text function).