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Coming from musikCube here. In that program you could just go File-->Synchornize and your library would be scanned (as opposed to monitoring a folder, which you've said uses more resources, or File-->Add Files to Library, which I think does what I want but requires a few extra clicks, or doing a scan at startup, which would be unecessary most often).

I generally prefer this method because I know when I've added something to my library. So I do two clicks and the library is synched, old files removed, etc. "Add files to Library" mostly does what I'm looking for, but it seems unecessary to confirm the options every time. And the phrasing just makes me think it's for adding directories and files not already set as your library, even if that's not the case. It's not a huge deal but I think it would be a convenient refinement.

Thanks for this program, by the way. It's like the perfect meduim between musikCube, MediaMonkey, Songbird, and iTunes (listed in order of bloatedness). I'm amazed how this project came out of nowhere and does almost everything those programs do, but with such ease.

And as a long-time user of musikCube, let me say that although there are similarities between the two (just as there are between almost every media players) it's clearly not a rip-off of musikCube. I saw the post over at hydrogenaudio and the few morons claiming you stole the source code.


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yes i couldnt believe it when that guy made the claim, especially as i had never even heard of the program before that.
I had a look at musikcube afterwards and was struggling to see how it was the same apart from the standard things most players have these days.
Another option with scanning files files is to have a folder monitor but direct the new files to be added to the inbox - that way you know what is being added. Just move them from the inbox to the library when you are happy with the tags


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What I meant was simply a change in the menu: add "Synchronize Library" to the file menu and have it do the synchronization without any further clicks. Manual synchronization, basically.