Author Topic: What can I do to get better results when auto-tagging by album?  (Read 142 times)


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Lately, I've found that when I use the "auto-tag by album" feature, the results I get are usually not what I'm looking for. For example, I was unable to find this specific version of Depeche Mode's album, Violator, even with the Discogs plugin:

It just never showed up as a result and if it did and I missed it, I had no way to tell. I wanted to ask here if there was a way to get more/better results and if so, how to do it. And also because I felt it better to ask first before possibly requesting anything for the next version of MusicBee. I have tried looking around to see if there was a solution, but I couldn't find it (or I didn't use the right keywords).


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I guess there isn't much of a point in trying to answer this now - given that the room has been vacated.
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