Author Topic: MB to Android device playlist sync doesn't work minutes apart  (Read 388 times)


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I have googled the issue but I couldn't find a fix and I really don't understand the problem. I'm sorry if the solution is in another post, I did try fixes from what posts I could find but it doesn't work.

I have a Sony Walkman and I have been using it with MusicBee. I had trouble with syncing when starting to use it which I don't remember exactly what the problem was, but I managed to fix it and I've been able to sync music and playlist with no problems since.

Recently I moved files in my library, taking some out of folders into the general library folder etc. I synced without noticing that it was putting the moved files as missing. Then later I also moved the entire library folder into another on my computer along with another folder, and that broke some things in the MB library.

I noticed today and I changed the paths, located missing files etc. I had a problem where all the playlists showed empty title, artist etc files but I ended up re-importing the playlists from a backup, re-syncing the pathways etc and it worked. My MB library was back to normal.

I synced with the walkman and everything showed fine on it. The missing files from the previous library moving around were there, the playlist showed exactly the same in MB and on the walkman.

Then some minutes later I added a song to an existing playlist and did another sync, and the song doesn't show on the playlist in the walkman. I tried removing all playlists from the walkman and even all files to do a clean sync but it doesn't let me delete them on the walkman. I tried duplicating the playlist but after a sync it doesn't add that playlist either. When I look up info on the playlist files on the device it says the last edit was earlier that day, there's no trace of all the sync I made since.

This is the settings I have for syncing:

-I didn't change any device setting compared to when it worked in previous sync
-the pathway to the music and playlist folders on the walkman is correct
-changing / to \ in the pathways immediately shows an error so I leave it as is (/)
-changing the playlist file type doesn't work, walkman doesn't play it and is was always set as m3u and worked that way

I'm really at loss, it literally worked then a few minutes later it didn't. Between the sync I did to fix the library problems (which worked) and the sync after adding a song to a playlist I didn't change any setting.
The times Ichanging some settings based on some posts I found but when it didn't fix the problem or added others I switched the settings back.


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A screenshot of the "Music" page of the device settings would be helpful, as that is where what is and isn't synched to the device is selected.

Also, make sure that all the strange business with your library didn't somehow create a duplicate device.  If so, it's possible that this displayed device is not actually the one being utilized in the sync.
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Here are the music settings:

Also, make sure that all the strange business with your library didn't somehow create a duplicate device.  If so, it's possible that this displayed device is not actually the one being utilized in the sync.

How can I check that?
MB only shows one saved device in the preferences, and when I connect the device (always by usb) it only shows the one.
When I plug the device in it does give me the "add/remove file or just charge device" popup twice (it shows it once, I select the file option, then it shows up again, I select file option again and it shows up on desktop in MB) but then I have no idea what could cause that and how I could fix it. The storage doesn't have everything twice or anything visible or weird.

Also it did work fine right after the whole library mixup and fixing.


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All right so I took a long time to come back to this because I was waiting for eventual new replies and because it legit gave me massive anxiety to virtually lose that device.

So following the idea that a duplicate device was created I deleted the walkman from the device list in music bee, plugged it in, put the same settings as before and synced, and it worked! The playlists were updated, then I added a file and edited a few playlist, did another sync and it sill worked so I think that was it.

So don't be like me and be careful when moving files around in the library or transferring it to another computer, keep backups, and update them often.  :-X