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I've used MusicBee as a replacement for the too-often-crashing iTunes for many years and love it. Unfortunately, the laptop I use for MusicBee seems to be slowly dying. I want to switch over to a new laptop or PC before the current laptop becomes totally unusable. I am very low tech, so can it be explained to me in simple terms how I can transport my library of thousands of songs (with proper songwriting credits and notes etc.) to a new laptop or PC? I apologize if this is such a simple question, but I've tried to read up on it, but my lack of tech knowledge/savvy is a hindrance, and I soon get bogged down in terms I'm not understanding. Thank you


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Welcome to the forum answersattheend,

This has been asked and answered many times before and I don't think I can make it any simpler so try looking at some of these:
Google search for 'Move to new computer'