Author Topic: does Album Genre tag exists ?  (Read 152 times)


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at the moment i use the tag "Genre" for the tracks
and it seems that when i use Genre for an album it choose the first track Genre independently of the others ? (besides as for the Artwork...)

i know that in MB it would be possible to have a tag for "Album Genre" using Custom tag ?
is this tag officially exists and could be used by other players ?
so i have 2 ideas :
- either possibility to name it manually for example Mixed (in a custom tag ?)
- either to automatically get the list of all Tracks Genres of the album ?
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Far as I know 'Album Genre' is not used by any software or player. You could create a custom tag for it.
And use an additional virtual tag and/or AT&RT to populate it automatically.
Searching the forum would be a good start to learn how you can do any of these things.