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I'd really appreciate the ability to manage my presets in the File Organizer easier.  Love the power of this feature, including the ability to apply conditional formulas to the naming template and using exceptions, which is a tremendous help when managing my music library.

A couple of "wish list" items:

1 - When using a new preset, prompt for whether it should be saved to the list for re-use.  Right now, all of my various "tests" need to be manually deleted.

2 - Enable the deletion of multiple presets at once.  Right now, the list of previously used presets needs to be dropped down, then I have to highlight one (I can only highlight a single one at a time), and press delete, in order to remove it.

3 - Include "exceptions" in the "preset" name or otherwise allow the user to assign a unique name to each preset.  Right now, it only displays the naming template.  I have some exceptions set up based on the particulars, which otherwise use an identical naming template, thus there is no indicating of which preset has the desired exceptions until I click on it to make it the active preset.

4 - Enable a manual ordering of the presets so that frequently-used ones can be placed near the top.

Thank you for considering this. :)


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Although I only use this function once in a blue moon for my own collection, I've got a couple of temp/test templates from other users' questions here on the forum.

So +1 to    #1    #2    #4
In case you are wondering why #3's left out.....I've never used the exceptions button as I just deal with that on an $if function - so I didn't give any thought to it.

Also, a screenshot to help visualize some of the requests above.

Edit: side note.

...and press delete, in order to remove it.
I was today years old when I learnt that you could remove a preset by using the delete key.
In the past, I have dabbled with the preset storage file in the program folder trying to remove some of these.
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+1 to all.

I also would like to add what would be simple and work for me.


Like if I want an album with its files to be renamed and moved to, lets say my death metal folder, i would just choose the death-tag (wich ivve preprogrammed to my death metal folder) in a tag drop down menu, and in a drop down next to it there could be a renaming pattern selection (because its not always one wants the standard, most used one).

I often have to move albums to different genre folders and to have lots of the same folders with different renaming patternsreally clutters the drop down menu and ive got quite a few so its hard to find the right one and it slows down my work. Im not an native english speaker so if you dont get what Im trying to say just ask me to clarify if thats the case.