Author Topic: advanced search & replace for lyrics how?  (Read 135 times)


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I made a post about lyric reload plugin putting in ticket prices, my topic was closed but i had further question about how to apply the regex code
in advance search and replace but this is new to me and no search have broguht me to anything i've been able to just  figure it out

Yes i have posted in the plugin. I have asked others for help and they are willing but want it in a topic im sure so if it arises again a simple search would find it.
my first question
my follow up in the plugin.

the dev is aware yes, I'm still trying to understand how to apply to regex that has work for a previous user.


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We are now talking about two different plugins.

Lyrics Reloaded
Which is the plugin that retrieves the lyrics, and of which the developer already stated he will see if he can solve this 'LiveGet' issue.

Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools
Which is the plugin that I think you are using, trying to change the lyrics that are already in your files.
For that, do this: