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I've recently converted about 9,000 MP3s stored on the hard drive of my Dell PC from iTunes to MusicBee,  What I can't figure out is what are the settings that will allow me to view them in the Main Panel grouped by album so that if there are multiple songs on an album, I will see the album name and cover art and below it or to the right a list of each song with the song playable when clicked.

Instead each song is displayed in a section of its own with the album cover and name repeated as if it is a unique album  I've seen screenshots of what I want - just a list of songs grouped by that one album so I know it can be done, but don't know how to get there/.

The filename structure is Artist/Album/Title.

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Man just play with the menu choices that appear when you drop the Music header bar menu--Album & Tracks, Set Displayed Fields, Sort by, Group By, etc.  It's all right there, you just need to experiment a little.


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And a welcome-to-MusicBee package to help you get started:
The source code to any of my contributions is available on the same download link as the add-ons