Author Topic: Multiple value splitter for "Album Artist" tag  (Read 325 times)


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it would be very useful to have a multi value splitter for 'Album Artist' tag, just like in Artist, Composer, Genre.
I'm aware of using "; " as a separator, but I think it's just as necessary as it is in Artist.

Here is an example screenshot:

In reference to this topic.

Thank you

Using latest MB 3.6.8869


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I'm sorry, but since I believe that 'Album Artist' in principle should always be a singular value, I am against (further) promoting multi-values for it in MusicBee.
For having more than one album artist for an album, a tag 'Album Artists' should be used.

So, -1 from me.
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This already works for the AlbumArtist field using a semicolon as the separator. While there are different schools of thought on whether or not this should or should not be used, the current setup already functions as expected.