Author Topic: Is there a way to show the file path in the now playing window?  (Read 426 times)


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My library has a ton of stuff with no ID3 tags both from my early days of ripping and a lot of recordings of vinyl, things gifted me, as well as an enormous library of classical which for some reason has no tags.  Anyway, if I could have the filepath in the now playing window, maybe as a third line, that would make almost all of these tagless recordings nameable.  Anybody know how to do this?  Every time I try to mess with the layout it gets worse.  I just don't understand how to manipulate the pieces so tell me how like you're explaining to a dimwitted but determined 10 year old.  Thanks.

p.s. I know I can right click and find it in Windows Explorer but I'd rather just glance at the player and know where the file is playing from.  This has happened a lot but I just happen to be sitting at the computer.  This was inspired by a Marizio 12" a friend recorded for me which reads only as 01 m5 pt 1 - unknown artist.  The filepath spells out artist name and single (album) name. 


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I worked it out for the Playing Tracks Element and then realised there is a "Now Playing" element that you are specifically asking about.

So here is the instructions for the Playing Tracks element.
Mouse over where it says "Playing Tracks". An arrow should appear, click that and select Customise Panel.
You should have a window with a few elements listed. Artist, Title etc....
Click the down arrow on one of the blank ones and change it to "Filename". This will display just the filename. If you want the full path change it to "URL".
Click Save.

For the Now Playing bar you need to change the settings for Track Information first. I don't know if there is an easier way but I did it by dragging the "Track Information" element into the left sidebar. Close down the arrange panels window and then mouse over the "Track Information" heading and click the arrow that appears and then "Customise Panel"

Put a tick in the "Show file URL" checkbox and click save.

Now you can remove the "Track Information" element from your UI if you want.

In the "Now Playing" element. Mouse over the heading and click the arrow that appears, click on Track Information and you should now have the full path to the song displayed.

Edit: Actually you can change the Track Information settings from within the "Arrange Panels" window, just drag it to the left, it doesn't matter where you put it and then click the 3 dots button to the right of "Panel Settings".  Click "show file url", click save and then drag it back to the right. This way it doesn't mess up your UI at all.
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…but I'd rather just glance at the player and know where the file is playing from.
I am not completely certain if you are looking for a way to display the filename, or where it is located.
Here is an option in case it is the first:

You can use a virtual tag to display the filename without the full path or extension:


You could then use that virtual tag in all sorts of locations.

One way to have it displayed is in the main player panel:
Right-click it and use: Show Track Details on Multiple Lines and set the second line to that virtual tag.
(not all skins support that option)

After reading your post (and the title) a little better, it seems that you want only the path leading up to the file displayed.
For that you can use <Path> or <URL>
To prevent them being unwieldy long, you could use the $Split and $RSplit functions to for example extract only the direct parent folder.

But obviously the best solution is to fix the files that have bad or incomplete tags.
That is what MusicBee is designed for to work with.
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Starting from the two proposals above, this is a summary of the fields you could display.
Let's suppose the current track is C:\MusicCollection\Artist1\Album1\01 - FooBar.mp3.

Standard Tags
PathPath to the audio file (without the filename)C:\MusicCollection\Artist1\Album1\
URLPath + filename + extensionC:\MusicCollection\Artist1\Album1\01 - FooBar.mp3
FilenameFilename + extension01 - FooBar.mp3
Virtual Tags
$Split(<Filename>,".",1)Filename, without extension01 - FooBar
$CutLeft(<Path>,19)Path, without the first 19 charactersArtist1\Album1\
$RSplit(<Path>,\,3)Grandparent folderArtist1
$RSplit(<Path>,\,2)Parent folderAlbum1
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this is a summary of the fields you could display:
Allow me to add one more:

Display the direct parent folder:


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