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My Altered Ego

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Just wondering if there was a possibility to have a toggle for the crossfader added to the bottom panel perhaps near the options for the Equalizer, Scrobbling, Repeat  and Shuffle Buttons?  Reason for this request is there are some occasions that I wish to turn it on and off as I am listening to music and it would be easier than having to go through the settings...just a thought.


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It's my understanding that the ability to turn this on or off mid-song would lead to an pretty unpleasant listening experience, as it would restart the playing song.


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Even if there were a button, mb only recognises the change if the track is restarted and then the next track.
You can make sure that in a given track there is no fade-out.
Tag settings--> settings--> choose disable crossfade.


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Even if there were a button, mb only recognises the change if the track is restarted and then the next track.
No, it will play the current track using the current setting, and will apply the new crossfade condition after the next song has started.
To me it seems a valid request that isn't likely to cause other issues.

@My Altered Ego
It's very unlikely that this would be added for the bottom player panel, since then that function would also need to be made available for all 3rd party skins.
(I would love to be able to create skins that have non-standard buttons and functionality, but that would be a very different topic)

So if your request is fulfilled, it will be a keyboard shortcut for which you will be able to create a toolbar icon at the top of MusicBee's panel.
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+1 from my side!

there already exists a 4 year old thread about the exact same request - to wich I replied:

Hi There,

I just would like to bring up this topic again - especially the wish for an additional "Crossfade Toggle Button" in the player controls bar.

That's how it could look like:

In the following, there are 4 alternate designs for just ONE proposed toggle button.
The (curve) shapes are chosen from a designers perspective and should NOT necessarily represent the real cross-fade behave.

Would be wonderfull to see that implemented.

Maybe they can get merged?

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