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Question 1:
I currently have some songs of 1 artist (ex. ASAP Rocky) in my general music folder (D:\Kevin\Music) (Pic 1) and some of those are in an album's folder (Pic 2).

I would like to move all these into a single folder named such (ASAP Rocky), but if they're in a folder already I want to keep them there (i.e. the Album's folder). Using SendTo > Folder(Move) just dumps them all into a single folder with no subfolders (Pic 3). Is there any nice way to do this?

One way I tried is to physically move the files by cutting and pasting (Pic 4) and then use LocateMissingFiles and manually find the files but it only smartly finds the rest of the files if they're in the same subfolder (i.e. only in the album folder, I can't do every file in the overall ASAP Rocky folder) (Pic 5).

Question 2:
if I wanted to change a file's name, i know  I can do that in the Edit window and it will change the corresponding file name. Is there any way to do this for whole folders with multiple tracks? (Pic 6) For example I want to change the folder from [A$AP Rocky - LONG LIVE ASAP] to [LONG LIVE ASAP (2013)]  or something like that? I know I could change the folder name in Windows Explorer then use LocateMissingFiles and select the folders slowly, but is there any better way?

Question 3:
I can't find any shortcut/hotkey for Send To > Folder (Move) > Move Files to Folder, only Move files to Organized Folder. Is there anything for a folder that I can choose myself?
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The solution to all your questions posed is located here:

The File Organizer has a preview function. So that means you can play around with the naming template as much as you want until the "new file url" reflecting in the preview section is to your liking.

If you get stuck, you can always write back here.
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So after spending some time reading wiki and poking around the program it seems my answers are:
Question 1 - Using the Folders viewer in the panels, I can drag a folder+subfolders to move it nicely. Any other way dumps all files into a single folder with no subfolders or I have to use Locate Missing Files.
Question 2 - The File Organiser can be used for moving to a new folder, essentially renaming it (while keeping the file names intact)
Question 3 - No shortcut for Move Files to (unorganized) folder, have to use many precise clicks.

NEW question: Using the Folders viewer in the panels, I'm not able to drag tracks from the main panel into the folders to move them. Any simple way to move files to other folders without doing the full Send To? It seems the only use for the Folders viewer is to select a subselection of tracks in the main panel, or move folders into other folders.


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See my organisation here:

Folders that belong to an Album are in an Album titled folder, those with no album just sit in the root of the Artist's titled folder.