Author Topic: New UI Mockups/Pitch & a few technichal feature improvement suggestions  (Read 216 times)


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Hi all I made a few mockups of what my ideal Music Bee would look like! Plus a few feature suggestions while I've got the soapbox.

   1:  Round Album covers except on the Track Information section where it displays the entire image file belonging to the album

   2:  When playing a song, transition from the standard solid grey background, from the center out, to a blurred album image with noise added for grain. Include a dark or light mode to dim the album covers if the user doesn't want to worry about the lighting differences between albums

   3:  Remove the Album Selection Box because it makes the UI feel cluncky when the Box appears but the drop down track menu hasn't displayed yet, it makes the latency seem even worse. And the Box remains on whichever album was last clicked which as far as i can tell if a purposeless feature and just clutters up the UI.
   4:  Remove the Album Select Bar which only has the text "selected: 1 album, 260.5 MB, 39.9 mins/   queued: 39:52" or some similar text and integrate this into the Player bar

   5:  Add new Hide Columns buttons to both the "Album Artist" and "Playing Tracks" columns to allow more room for album viewing

   6:  Add new Tinted ovals around tab selection buttons such as the Search Function, "MUSIC", "NOW PLAYING", "MUSIC EXPLORER", and "# A B C D E... Z"

I've included Images in the Imgur Hyperlink showing what I mean by "Album Selection Box", "Album Select Bar", "Hide Column Buttons", "Tinted ovals"
I've also included a few Mockups for the Mini Player in the Imgur Hyperlink

Some text is grainy and hard to read because I clipped out the background with Photoshop so I anticipate this being less of a problem if it was actually implemented

I'd also like to advocate for the ("X" button minimizes to notification tray, feature addition) I just really really want this

Lightmode (Blur transition has finished):

Transition from Solid Grey to Blurred album(i.e. Song Started Playing):

Standard Solid Grey Background (i.e. No Song Playing):

Darkmode suggestion:

Imgur Hyperlink:

I'd love for others to ask questions or discuss potential improvements and give their thoughts about what I've pitched!

I made this because I genuinely love the Music Bee software, and it's mission, and would like to see it grow in popularity so if I can provide any clarification on anything I've pitched please ask I want to make it better for everyone.


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As someone who has held actual physical album art in his hands, I am able to verify that it is, in fact, not rounded in any way.  The corners of my LPs and CDs are all entirely squared-off.


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Even the CD cases that contain the album "cover" do not have rounded corners.
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Welcome to the forum guy.

Those mock-ups do look nice.
But, personally I wouldn't use such settings if they were available.
Same as the previous commentators, I prefer artwork to display as it actually is.
And having some gradient panel where in some locations text is light on dark, and in others its dark on light doesn't seem attractive to me. (let alone if it is feasible to do programmatically in a good manner)

But, perhaps you get some +1's from other users. I know the rounded corners have been asked for before.